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        Fire On The Suns is a 4X play-by-email space opera wargame where you control your fleets, control your exploration &
        colonization efforts, and expand your control of the stars through guile, persuasion and force. You control your ship designs,
        fleet profiles, officer & scientist recruitment, research & development efforts, government organization & control, taxation, and other
        aspects of your empire as you extend your reach. You control your diplomatic efforts and the organization of your fleets when you want
        to use them to bend other players and non-player-races to your imperial will.

Fire On The Suns is a human-moderated game that uses programmed tools to assist a GM in processing a turn. Player orders are entered in spreadsheet workbooks and processed in seconds by theFOTS Turn Processor program which handles surveys, colonization, R&D, and economics. Fleets are constructed using the FOTS FleetBuilder workbook (Copyright © 2008 by Jason Attard) and battles are run by the GM using the FOTS Battle Engine program. The player workbooks include a variety of tools to allow simplified orders entry. FOTS is not "spreadsheet wars". Spreadsheets are used as a simple and easy method to hold data allowing players to write orders quickly and easily, without the constraints imposed by other programs and languages, and an organized and efficient way for the Turn processor to handle the vast and varied amount of data contained in the game and turn orders. Players write their orders in plain and simple language, send the orders to the GM, and receive their turn results as a workbook ready for them to enter their next set of orders in.
Fire On The Suns is played in a vast, and ever-expanding, galaxy and universe. The starting GM map can be anywhere from 1 sector to hundreds and there is infinite flexibility and expansion built into the system. FOTS is a campaign system modifiable to allow for "themed" games such as games based on Star Trek™, Star Wars™, Babylon 5™, Battletar: Galactica™, and many other television shows and game systems, or for specialized games for specialized groups of players. Each sector may contain anywhere up to 2 dozen or more stellar objects including stars and navigation hazards. Each star system may contain anywhere from 0 to 2 dozen planets allowing for a vast and rich exploration experience and the opportunity to build a powerful and expansive empire.
The Fire On The Suns Battle Engine© allows the rapid conduct of battles with thousands of missiles, fighters, gunboats, and starships on each side, and provides players with a detailed, shot-by-shot accounting of the battle in a text-based Battle Report.
The Fire On The SunsRace Design system allows for a near-infinite number of different races based on specific planetary environments and the desires of the players. The Turn Processor automatically indexes each new surveyed world against a players planet index and assigns a planet indexing value to each world in a newly-explored star system. Most importantly, Fire On The Suns is free to play. You do not require anything except the ability to read and write a spreadsheet (our Turn Processor program reads and writes Open Office files flawlessly) to play in the game and we never charge for turns played or for materials needed for the game. The FOTS Core Manual, which contains all the rules needed to play, is available as a free download. We gladly accept donations and do have several products available as pdf files which may add to your knowledge of the game and enjoyment, but these are never required to play.

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Fire On The Suns: New Technology, Volume I, Fire On The Suns: New Technology, Volume II, Fire On The Suns: New Technology, Volume III, Fire On The Suns: New Technology, Volume IV, Fire On The Suns: New Technology Volume V, Fire On The Suns: New Technology Volume VI, Fire On The Suns: Colony Development, Fire On The Suns: Psionics, Fire On The Suns: Ground Pounders, Fire On The Suns: Horrible Threats, Fire On The Suns: Monsters & Mysteries, and Fire On The Suns: Biotechnology are Copyright @ 2001- 2014 by Jeff Engel and Greg Ellis.

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