1.0.0 Introduction


Fire On The Suns is an electronic board game of interstellar conflict and strategy. The game is human-moderated with assistance from a variety of computerized tools.

The game uses a 2-dimensional map of the playing area which represents a portion of the game galaxy. The galaxy is about 100 thousand light years in diameter and is circular in shape. The entire map of the galaxy would measure 2,500 sectors on each side with 6,250,000 total individual sectors. Each sector measures 40 light years on each side and is separated into 100 individual sections measuring 4 light years on each side. The area that the players start in is a very small portion of the galaxy.

Each Sector is a square measuring 40 light years on each side. Each sector is made up of 10 rows of 10 columns called sections. Each of the 100 Sections in a Sector measures 4 light years on each side.


Fire On The Suns is played in turns. Each turn represents a period of 64 days, each of which is exactly 24 hours long.


Hourly tiime is measured in a military manner with 0001 hours being the first minute of a new day and 2400 hours being the last minute of the old day. Each hour is broken down into 60 minutes of time. There are 8 days in each week, 4 weeks per month, and 2 months per turn for a total of 64 days per turn.


Each turn, players will be required to give the GM a set of orders that relate to what that player is attempting to accomplish. These orders need to be formatted so that the GMmacro program can read and process them in a timely manner. The GMmacro program is an Excel spreadsheet macro that can read and write to another Excel spreadsheet that the player uses to submit his turn orders. This rulebook contains an extensive FAQ on how to format orders in an Excel spreadsheet so that the GMmacro program can read and process them correctly.


After the GMmacro processes the players orders, the GM tracks each player’s fleet movements on a GM Tracking Map, noting any and all important occurrences. When the GM has completed processing all players orders he will prepare maps and Excel spreadsheet files detailing what occurred during the turn and return these to the players as their turn results.






















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