11.0.0 Diplomatic Limitations

One of the reasons most players cite as a reason they enjoy Fire On The Suns so much is that they enjoy the diplomacy that occurs during the game. The GM makes no attempt to control diplomacy between players (usually) except to make sure that he hears about what they're talking about.


The primary rule of diplomacy is that players are free to talk between each other, but that if the GM is not included in the conversation (i.e. not cc'ed in on all messages) then he can rule that no contact actually took place. In some cases, the GM may put limits on the amount of diplomatic exchanges that can occur in a given turn, at his discretion.


There are no limits to the ways and manner a player may conduct diplomacy in the game, with only a few exceptions (that are mostly due to game design). The following should be considered a set of guidelines for players when choosing and running the respective races in the game.


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