3.0.0 Pre-Game Setup(s)

Players will (generally) begin Fire On The Suns with maps of their own known areas of space. The rest of the galaxy is unknown (although players will tend to know who's on their borders). In some games maps of your opponent's space may have been obtained through trade, guile, deceit, or more insidious means.

 Players begin Fire On The Suns with 1 home world (generally), a number of additional colony worlds, and either a pre-designed empire with fleets of starships of various designs and types, several bases, stations, and defensive installations of various designs and types, etc., or a number of Pre-Game Build RPs with which to purchase materials for their empire.


Each planet in a star system also has a maximum RP (Resource Point) value listed for it and the entire system has a Total system

resource potential calculated for it. RPs are the unit of economic value in Fire On The Suns and govern everything from how much it costs to colonize a planet to how to pay for new starship, base, or ground force construction, repairs, raising graded personnel, etc., etc., etc..

Player's setups are expected to be held as confidential information. While your opponents may know where your worlds and colonies are (chances are high they will not initially know this at all in most games), they will not necessarily know what the values of those worlds are. In addition, enemy players will not know the defenses of a world, the composition or deployments of star fleets and ground forces, or any other information about your worlds and forces unless and until you either tell them or they contact those forces and worlds with their own forces.


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