Appendix 7-The Rules for Being Sneaky

Being sneaky is an art and not a science. It involves perception, deception, and the ability to project positive and negative traits as needed.


First rule of sneaky. Always be truthful. That way when you have to pull off the big lie, they'll buy it hook, line, and sinker. Of course, you might get more mileage out of half truths. While two half truths do not equal the whole truth, they are more than a lie.


Second rule of sneaky. Compulsive liars and braggarts will never be trusted. Without trust, you have nothing to betray. Without trust, your future enemies will always be on guard. Your battles and intel ops will suffer as a result.


Third rule of sneaky. Appeal to the baser instincts. Different players have different motivations. Find out what the player wants and leverage that information by proving or denying those resources.


Fourth rule of sneaky. Red herrings are your friends. Cast suspicions, spread rumors, send press releases to GNN or ISN, maintain a public face and a private face in your diplomatic communications.


Fifth rule of sneaky. Intel operations and black ops can topple governments faster than a war fleet. Analyze an enemy's weaknesses and exploit them. The right message at the wrong time can turn allies into enemies. Look for ways for put the blame on the other guy.


Sixth rule of sneaky. Read Sun Tzu's the Art of War. It's not to be taken literally, but if you apply the lessons as metaphors you too can be as wise as the ancient one. Fight where there is no defense, spare the horse to save the army, learn to create and capitalize on the momentum of battle (info-war can generate more casualties then you can imagine.)


Seventh rule of sneaky. For every sneak there is a counter. Learn to defend against subversion. Build anti-terrorist and counter-intelligence units. Loyal units are worth their weight in gold. Your spare change in RPs is worth millions. Happy troops and citizens are less likely to betray their government. A balanced budget shows the people that you're in control. Deficit spending sends the opposite message.


Last rule of sneaky. I am the great and powerful OZ. Ignore the man behind the curtain.



















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