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Postby fotsforum » Wed May 07, 2014 10:40 am

Again, welcome. You can see what Fire On The Suns is all about easier by going to the web page at http://www.fire-on-the-suns.com or visiting the welcome page of our wiki, but basically, FOTS is a 4X (explore espand exploit exterminate) play-by-email (pbem) space opera wargame with aspects of diplomacy, empire management, role-playing, creativity, and more. We do not hand you a "canned" empire to run - you design your own. We do not hand you a "canned" fleet of particular one-size-fits-all ships. You design your own. We do not hand you a "canned" listing of technologies and capabilities. While we have a list of thousands, we encourage you to design your own.

In short, Fire On The Suns is a game where you can flex and run rampant, within the context and internal consistency of the rules, and let your creativity and imagination have free reign.

However, thee are some rules (as there always are).

First, you probably need to read the rules, which are available free-of-charge, on this website.

Second, you have to understand that we have worked hard to maintain the internal consistency of the game universe. This means that despite the fact there are around 3 dozen types of FTL drives described for the game, they've all been developed and designed to be internally consistent with the rules. You can't just make something up on the fly and expect us to approve it if it's not internally-consistent with the FOTS Universe as a whole.

Now, about this wiki and this forum, there are also some rules.

1) This forum is intended to be a discussion forum for the FOTS wiki. That's a rather broad-ranging area, but it's not for discussing last night's dinner, dissing someone (or anyone, really), or trolling. I will boot trolls out-of-hand. The rest will get a single warning and the violating post will be deketed.

2) Be polite. I will not tolerate disrespectful behavior toward your fellow forum posters. Disagree, yes. Disrespect, no. You will be warned and the violating post will be deleted.

3) It's my website, my forum, my wiki, my blog, and my rules. Again, you may disagree, but do so respectfully and we'll have no problem(s).

4) All of the above applies to my forum administrators, assistants, and moderators as well.

5) If you open up a topic or start a new thread, try to make it pertinent to the wiki. If you want to talk about a particular technology, cite it in your header. In fact, it's best if you title your header something like "Tech 001 -" followed by the name of that tech. This way everyone will know what the thread is about.

6) If it relates to FOTS specifically, FOTS in general, space opera, wargames, wargaming, tactics, strategies, etc., it's probably going to be okay. However, do not advertise your own game here at our expense. This isn't a forum for Star Fleet Battles, Honor Harrington, or anything else. Those games already have their own forums. Go post there if you want to crow about the benefits or advantages of them over FOTS. Any such post will be immediately deleted and the offender will be booted.

7) I reserve the right to institute more rules as I deem fit and/or necessary.

8) Anyone and everyone is invited to post so long as you follow the rules outlined above.

Thanks, and that's all I have for the moment. Join a game and have some fun.

Greg Ellis
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